Did we know

Shall we say art is in our subconscious and no one knows when will it be activated in the form of a finished piece. As one may not find it while looking at the fire flies but in their lazy afternoon naps. One may not find it on a Friday evening but while being stuck in a traffic jam on a Monday morning.

So, is art there in the happiness of a new relationship or in the pain of an old one. Is it there when one is able to create art at a spur of a moment or when one plans a piece and puts in hours to complete it?

I guess one will never really know. But then, why do we even want to know?
Oops, so much of ranting about nothing.

May be you found art in this mindless ranting. More art than you could find at your last vacation or maybe not. Who knows?  Lol

Things come back when they are least expected. At times they come in small fragments, at times all at once.

But why will they come back when they had already left? Is it possible that they never left? If these things never left, where were these till now?

Maybe they were always in front of us. Hiding in the hours of the days we hated, in the anxiety that was too difficult for us to accept. Or they were there at the other side of the doors we refused to open, in the life we were too scared to look up to.

May be they were always there. Just that we didn’t know.
Or maybe, we always did know.

Did we????

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