The Drink

The Drink

“But see people are enjoying here,” Sanjana said in an attempt to coax Khushi to have a drink. “I am not able to hold both the glasses. At least hold one of these,” she said while moving her hand towards her friend in an attempt to make her hold the drink.
All Khushi could say while taking the drink in her hand was, “according to me they are just creating noise pollution and dancing at their stupidities. Trust me they are stupid.”
“Oh come on, don’t be a spoilsport,” Sanjana defended.

“Hey, let me use the ladies room,” said Sanjana and abruptly walked away from the dance floor.

“Sanjana, I hope you spiked her drink,” asked a rouge voice as she stood there, next to the ladies room.
“That’s your cash, you may leave now.”
Sanjana’s eyes lit up as she saw so many currency notes in front of her.
“Thank you, she said while offering him the drink she had been holding in her hand for some time now.”

Sanjana quickly went into the ladies room and made a phone call.
“You, spiked his drink?” Asked a voice on the other side of the phone.
“Great, now let’s get out of here. Didn’t I tell you, people here are stupid?”



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Jay saw her enter the bar alone. As she caught him staring, she went ahead and introduced herself, “hi I am Ria.”
He looked uncomfortable, so Ria thought to make the first move. “A drink?” she asked.

Jay’s phone rang and he answered, “will be home soon sweetie.”

Irritated, Ria blurted, “I thought you were serious about this roleplay thing?”
“Yes, but the kids need us,” he mumbled.

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