September 2021

Art and Money

Is creating art for money some kind of a madness?
Even if you say, it is.
I will say there’s method to this madness.
Some people say, don’t ask for money for your art.
Some say it’s your passion, how can you charge for it?
Some say, you can’t sell it because art is not even a mainstream career.
Some say, art won’t be pure if you sell it.
Why so negative?
But why will selling my art make it impure. Don’t you think that consuming art without paying for it, is what is actually impure? If people are ready to pay for everything they consume, then why not art?

If someone wants to have a painting in their drawing room doesn’t it make sense, that they pay for it. If they have to listen to a particular singer should they not pay for it. Well, they pay for it when they want to have a piece of furniture in their living room. They also pay for it when they buy something as basic as a mosquito repellent.
Similarly, every piece of art has a value to itself.
If people won’t pay for that value, they might feel they did not do anything to earn it. These should be the only impure feelings; if any, associated with art. Selling art is not impure in any way.
Art is like any other profession
It needs effort.
It needs time.
It needs commitment.
It needs hard work.
Yes, art is a full-time job. Just like any other profession. Its outcome is also consumed by people like any other profession’s. And is in no means inferior to any business or job. Is there any doctor or engineer who has never consumed art in their life? Every profession needs the other, so we need to respect art as much as we respect the other professions.
To all the artists out there you don’t need to feel guilty to sell your art.

Good News

She wanted to break the news to Anish while he was still on a vacation but decided otherwise.
For she wanted to see that joy on his face.

The phone rang and she answered cheerfully, “yes I am going to tell him today.” standing in front of the mirror, she caressed her belly. It was difficult for her to contain her excitement.

As Anish reached home, she told him that there was something she wanted to tell him. He looked at her with curiosity.

“You are going to be a big brother soon,” she announced.

Finding Art

Do you know where it is? Or where it isn’t. It’s complicated as one doesn’t know where will they find art or where will art find them.

Yes, one may not find it at the waterfalls but in something as mundane as the tap water. Strange, right? I have not been able to solve this mystery either.

So where does inspiration lie?
Where does art lie?
Do we find art or does art find us?

These questions often boggle me.

That day someone told me that art finds you because not everyone has a creative talent. I get it, but being someone in the creative profession. I often have to look for inspiration. So, this theory that art finds you can’t be completely true. Because there is a certain amount of effort put into finding it.

People often say, that you made your hobby as your career. What work related stress can you even have? Again, this is not true. Yes, I love my work but there are still days when I feel a burnout, when I badly want to take a break. There are also days when I am not able to write anything in spite of staring at the screen for hours.

See choosing a career is like selecting a life partner. And it has its own challenges. Look at it this way, even if you go for a love marriage you will still have to work on your relationship. A marriage is still a marriage and it can have its own ups and downs. In the same way a profession is a profession. Even though someone chose it out of love. It still has those long working hours, those deadlines, those challenges that come up out of nowhere.

Yes, I agree art is interesting.  But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require effort. So, this brings us back to the same questions.






























“Hi it’s me Nisha, remember we went to the same school?”
“Yes, can’t believe you are here,” said Ranveer.
“I can’t believe it either. So, you are a surgeon now?”
“Yes, but what brings you here?”
“My daughter has a surgery and I was told, you are the surgeon.”
“Oh, I will take good care of her.”

In the Doctor’s Room

“I told you Amit, she must be married by now. Look she has a daughter. Good that I am leaving for America tomorrow itself, right after the surgery. I can’t stay in this place where I spent all my childhood just loving her.”

In the Waiting Area
From a distance Nisha looked at Ranveer. He was talking to a fellow doctor in his room.

“How I wish I would have told him about my feelings back then. He must be married by now. That’s why I adopted Shreya as I knew I can’t give his place to any other man.” She said to herself.

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