December 2020

The moon

The moon says I have seen it all,
Not just the trees that stand there tall.
I know the lovers who die to meet,
And the ones who so easily cheat.
I saw the one who wants to be alone,
And the ones who are sad and lone.


I know the people who have a lot,
And the ones who fake the spot.
I know the guy who cries for his father,
Also, the son who sends him farther.
Yes, the moon has seen it all,
Not just the trees that stand there tall.

वक़्त के पीछे क्यूँ भागते है

सब कहते है वक़्त पीछे छूट गया है,
जैसे कि हम आगे निकल आए हो।
क्या पता हम आगे निकल आए है,
या वक़्त आगे निकल जाता है।
ज़रा सोचों अगर हम वक़्त के आगे चलते,
तो हम वक़्त के पीछे क्यूँ भागते।


क्यूँ हम कहते है कि वक़्त नहीं हमारे पास,
ये न कह देते कि वक़्त के पास हम नही।
हम वक़्त के मालिक नहीं,
वक़्त हमारा मालिक है।
पर नासमझी में हम अक्सर कह देते है,
कि वक़्त पीछे छूट गया है ।

Dear Roshesh

I met you again yesterday. Was not able to sleep so just scrolled through some YouTube videos and there you were.

I have always loved your innocent smile and those lively poetry sessions. I must say your intonation gives your poetry its charm. And what’s commendable is, how dedicated you are towards your craft.
I know how Sahil and Indrawadhan teased you on the release of your book. Can’t forget the day when they made you sit over for drinks and bashed out on you. You were hurt but the very next day you were back to writing poetry.

You taught me to fall in love with one’s art even though it seems imperfect to others. I know about your imperfect shows where the audience would leave in between. But you didn’t stop and that’s the reason you get my love. You made me realise that we create art for ourselves first. And to anyone who says your poems are torture. Let me tell them, your poems are more popular then so many well-known poet’s.

And when you fell in love with Jasmine, your mother (Maya) never liked her. You were still persistent. You were sure about her. Isn’t that what we all do? We go for the things we love because we just know that they are right for us. You knew jasmine was the one for you, you knew that poetry was your thing. And even if the world opposed, you never left loving the things that were yours.

Over the years I have realised that its very difficult to find things or people who our soul feels at home with. Yes, it’s difficult to find happiness but once you find it, you need to stick to it. Because that’s what makes you unique. Because that’s what makes you, you. And you have a very big role in making me realise that. Thank you for being you.
You know, I write poetry too. And I don’t know if I write good poetry or not. All I know is that I will stick to it. As you taught me that the matters of the heart are not decided but pursued.

Love you
Swati Khatri
A poet who would like her poetry
to be as famous as your poems


 Off course, I knew she was happy.

One summer afternoon I got a call from my school friend. She told me about her engagement, her voice was filled with euphoria and all she could talk about was her fiancée. Soon, her trousseau was decided, pre bridal bookings were done, the wedding ensemble was in place and the wedding took place in all the merriment.

After her marriage our communications became fewer. Yet I knew she was happy; I could tell that from her Facebook updates and Instagram posts. How could I miss that joy while she was out on those dinner dates and those late-night strolls?

And just like that, life moved on and our communications faded. We did catch up here and there, we spoke about mundane things like office politics, our commute to work and other regular stuff. But off course, I knew she was happy.  Her photographs told me so. Clad in the hues of festivities, enjoying the attention of the man in her life; she was so perfect in those pictures.
Soon our communications became non-existent.  She seemed busy and I didn’t mind that. After all I was constantly updated about her life through social media.  I knew she was happy.

But today she called me. She called and said, she was back to her parent’s place for good.  She might have sensed my silence and repeated her words. I could make sense of it all only when I heard those words twice or may be thrice… I realised she wanted me to say something, but what could have I said?

I asked, “What went wrong?”
She said, “Everything.”
But I had questions; was everything not perfect,
wasn’t she always happy in those pictures?

She told me that was just a cover up, she did it for her parents. They had spent a fortune on her wedding and she didn’t want them to be stressed. But now it was all over. She couldn’t cover it anymore. While she was not well, her in – laws called her parents and asked them to take her along. Apparently, they didn’t want to pay for the hospital bills. The veil was up and her parents knew about her suffering.

After that phone call, my mind kept on going back to those pictures. Those photographs spoke of love, togetherness and admiration. Wasn’t all that true? At least I thought it to be.  Or at least everyone thought it to be. Her parents, her cousins, her acquaintances…
The camera captured her smiles so expressively, we had no reason to doubt it. But was it just a pose for the camera before the lens shutters?

Maybe the camera only captures the moment when everyone smiles, then the lens shutters and life “begins.”

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