August 2018


The nightingale said beauty for me is my song,
As I like to sing here for long.
The bee said my beauty is my honey,
I like to work for it even when its sunny.

Then said the ant my beauty is my work,
As it gives me my perk.
There came the butterfly who said beauty is my feather,
As I want to fly along in this pleasant weather.

They asked what was beauty for me,
I thought it was not like the butterfly or the bee.
I was hesitant at first,
But inside me was something immersed.

They were right,
I had my own beauty of my life.
My beauty is my dream,
And I will work for it till my life will gleam.

I will love you


I will love you in spring,
I will adore you in summer.
I will walk with you by the sunrise,
I will hold you by the sunset.

I will smile with you in happiness,
I will wipe your tears in pain.
I will be your partner in young,
I will be your companion in old age.

I will love you today,
I will love you tomorrow and always.

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