May 2018

Life to my Days

I am trying to add life to my days,
But I wonder what is it that I want to create?
each day I have done some more,
But there always remains a certain chore.

I have joined some bits and pieces,
Then why there remain those creases?
Even when I think I have done something right,
What is it that remains out of my sight?

I have already added something to my path,
Yet again, I have to find from where to start?
I know I have to let go of the doubts,
Still I wonder, what is this all about?

Even though I have solved many plots,
Yet what remains is a lot.
I think I know how to respond,
But I wonder what is it that I really want?


How can I love you?

How can I love you?
When it’s my own self with whom I am not true.
How can I give you a place in my heart?
When I myself feel so apart.

How can I make you feel complete?
When there’s someone in me with whom I cheat.
I am sure I would like to love you,
But how can it happen till I don’t admire my own hue.

How can I truly feel for you?
When its my own reflection that I can’t clearly view.
I am sure loving you will be beautiful,
But how can it happen till I don’t love myself to the full?

My Words – My Expressions

The Earth has its music,
For those who want to sing.
Sun has its fire,
For those who truly desire.
Every start has a path,
For those willing to walk.

Colours have their charm,
For those who feel the warmth.
Every fragrance has a dream,
For those who want to imagine.
Words have their emotions,
For those who want to express.

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