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Words can make you feel,
Words have power to heal.
Words can mend broken hearts,
Words can create art.

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Meet Pebbles on Paper, the book which represents emotions that we all go through at different stages of life. With a 4.5⭐ rating, we have sold more than 5,000 copies on Amazon.

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The writer's story

Hey, I’m Swati! I am an admirer of art and music, and I will say that life inspires me to write.  I have written for several publications, including The Tribune Chandigarh. In my work I like to explore human emotions deeply.









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The Drink “But see people are enjoying here,” Sanjana said in an attempt to coax Khushi to have a drink. “I am …

I think I need some advice today. But then, I feel I don’t have anyone to look up to for that. Yet I feel I have learned a lot from my past. So...

मैं, वो गली नहीं बनारस की, जहां से तू बस यू ही मुड़ जाए। मैं तो वो हूँ, जहाँ तू अक्सर लौट के आए, जहाँ, तू, अक्सर लौट के आए।

But why will someone think that we don’t need a reason to be happy? When, grief actually came with a reason. How is it that happiness won’t need a reason to come into our lives?

No one can even think that the things at two separate shores of the world can have such symphony. Both at the extreme ends but depths of both unknown. Maybe they meet at a place. Yes, there must be...



Crisp rhymed poems on relatable circumstances. Very lucid, not metaphorically put. Everybody can decipher their meanings easily. Sweet and simple ! I loved them so much.


While reading the poems, I felt deeply invested in them. The author's emotions and thoughts connected with me. She has an impressive way with her words. Some of the poems really stood out for me.


I love the words, they're immensely beautiful and well decorated. Author poured her Heart in her words, and made this so lovely.I recommend it. A must read..


Recently, while I was scavenging for some poetries, I came across a book by Swati Khatri’s Pebbles on Paper. Though the poems are simply written, the collection struck a chord with me. These words flowed through me, cleansing every crevice of my soul. After reading them, I completely agree with the author, when she said that this collection of emotions, we all go through at different stages of life.


Because Pebbles on paper relate so much. It makes for a good read and somehow resonates with the way people think. It's short and well worded, makes for a fun and quick read.


This book is an amazing piece of creation which touches your heart because the emotions portrayed just tug each string of your heart.. It's a poetic representation of how to deal with sufferings and about healing and modern day love and complex relationships . It's an engaging read.

"Writing the story of my life one page at a time."

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